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Heavy-duty Support Kit for Galvanized Ladder Rack

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Maximize Your Cargo Carrying with the Heavy-Duty Support Kit for Topper Galvanized Ladder Racks

Elevate your Mercedes Sprinter's cargo-carrying capabilities with our Heavy-Duty Support Kit, designed specifically for our Topper heavy-duty galvanized roof racks. This kit includes two additional support brackets, reinforcing your ladder rack's ability to handle heavier loads with ease and reliability.

Our support brackets are engineered for durability and strength, seamlessly integrating with your existing Topper galvanized roof rack. The installation process is simple and straightforward, ensuring your vehicle is ready for any heavy-duty transport needs.


  • Includes two robust support brackets.
  • Compatible with Topper heavy-duty galvanized roof racks.
  • Easy installation for immediate use.
  • Enhances load-bearing capacity of your ladder rack to 750 lbs.
  • Made in the USA.

This Product Fits

This product is available to fit the following vans and RVs:

  • Sprinter, Transit, and ProMaster vans equipped with Topper heavy-duty galvanized roof rack.


  • The support kit includes two additional brackets, specifically designed to enhance the strength of your Topper ladder rack.
  • Installation is simple and does not require professional assistance.
  • Made in the USA.

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Will this support kit fit any ladder rack?
This kit is designed specifically for Topper heavy-duty galvanized roof racks. It's important to check compatibility before purchasing.

Does the addition of these support brackets affect the rack's appearance?
The brackets are designed to integrate seamlessly with your ladder rack, maintaining its aesthetic while enhancing its functionality.

How much additional weight can the ladder rack support with these brackets?
While the exact weight capacity increase depends on various factors, these support brackets significantly enhance the overall strength and load-bearing ability of your ladder rack.

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Upgrade your Sprinter with our Heavy-Duty Support Kit for a more robust and reliable cargo solution!

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