LED Star Grille Emblem for Sprinter 2019-2024

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Specially designed lighting unit for 2019-2023 Sprinters that adds an unparalleled finishing touch to your vehicle

Not only does this LED Grill Star enhance the aesthetic appeal of your Sprinter, but it also elevates the overall driving experience.

Our unique LED Grill Star comes with a proprietary wiring harness, meticulously engineered in-house. The beauty of this set lies in its simplicity and efficiency. There's no need to endure the hassle of wiring it into a switch; our kit offers a plug-and-play design. That means fewer moments fiddling with wires and more time basking in the radiant glow of your new LED Grill Star.

Installation is straightforward and can be completed in just 5 minutes. The steps are simple: unplug the passenger headlight, plug in the new harness, and you're set! This easy process ensures you can install it yourself without requiring professional assistance.

Compatibility / Fit

Most Sprinters 2019-2024. Please note that this LED Grill Star is designed exclusively for the chrome grill that has a removable center star emblem. Most Sprinters with LED headlights typically come with the right grill.

Just conduct a quick check: twist your front emblem assembly counter-clockwise. If it pops out, you're good to go! If not, this LED Grill Star won't fit.

What's in the box?

  1. LED Front Emblem
  2. LED or Non-LED Wiring Harness
  3. Complimentary Sticker
  4. Jelly Beans

Installation Instructions

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