Scopema Seat Swivels for Sprinter 2007-2024

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Maximize Space and Functionality: Scopema Seat Swivels

The perfect addition to your camper van. The seat swivel lets you swivel your seat easily to face the side and rear.

Upgrade your Mercedes Sprinter Van (2007-2024) with the Scopema Seat Swivel, an essential for enhancing the versatility and comfort of your camper van. Expertly crafted in France by Scopema, this swivel base is designed for a seamless installation process, fitting perfectly into your vehicle without hassle.

All Drivers side swivels include the handbrake relocation kit. Included all necessary installation hardware for easy setup.

Key features

  • Low Profile Design: At just 7/8" (23mm) high, it maintains a sleek, unobtrusive profile that integrates seamlessly with your van's interior.
  • Heavy Duty Construction: Built to last, this swivel base is robust and durable, ensuring reliable performance on all your adventures.
  • Complete Installation Kit: Each swivel base comes with all necessary hardware for a straightforward installation. Plus, all driver's side swivels include a handbrake relocation kit, ensuring full functionality and convenience.

This Product Fits

  • All 2007-2024 Sprinters


Will these seat swivels fit my Sprinter van?
Yes, the Scopema Seat Swivels are specifically designed to fit all Mercedes Sprinter vans from 2007 to 2024.

How difficult is the installation process?
The installation process is straightforward and all necessary hardware is included. Most users find it easy to install with basic tools.

Is the handbrake relocation kit included?
Yes, all driver's side swivels include a handbrake relocation kit to ensure full functionality and convenience.

How high is the swivel base?
The swivel base has a low profile design, measuring only 7/8" (23mm) in height.

Where are these seat swivels manufactured?
Manufactured in France, ensuring high quality and durability.

Are these swivels durable?
Yes, the Scopema Seat Swivels are built to be very heavy duty and durable, making them perfect for all your travel needs.

Can I swivel the seat to face the rear and side?
Yes, the Scopema Seat Swivel allows you to easily swivel your seat to face both the side and the rear of your camper van.

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