High Security Puck Lock Kit for Ford Transit

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Upgrade Your Ford Transit's Security with Slick Locks' High-Security Puck Lock Kit!

Slick Locks offers a high-security puck lock kit tailored specifically for the Ford Transit.

This kit includes stainless steel blade brackets that fit seamlessly onto the doors, Spinner 360 slip rings that add an extra layer of protection by turning the locks into rotating bearings, Weather Shields to guard against the elements, and heavy-duty puck locks with durable steel shank keys.

All of these components are designed to work together to provide maximum security for your Ford Transit. The blade brackets are custom fit and use the factory mounting points, so no drilling is required and there is no damage or corrosion to the exterior of your vehicle.

This kit is easy to install and comes with a 90 day warranty against manufacturer's defects.

The blade brackets, Spinner 360's, and Weather Shields are all made in the USA.

Note: Includes locks for side and rear hinged doors.

Enhance the security of your Ford Transit with the Slick Locks puck lock kit.

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