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Side Panel with Window for Fiamma Awnings

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Ensure your comfort and privacy without sacrificing natural light

Fiamma Awning Window Side Panel is designed to seamlessly integrate with Fiamma F45s, F65s and F80s awnings that extend to 8'2" (250cm) this side panel ensures your comfort and privacy without sacrificing natural light.

Whether your awning is set at heights ranging from 7'4.5" (225cm) to 9'2" (280cm), the panel adapts perfectly, offering a versatile solution for RV and motorhome enthusiasts.

Crafted from durable PVC, it combines functionality with ease of maintenance. Its washable fabric features UV protection to withstand the elements, while the full light Crystal window and vinyl mud skirt extend to the floor, ensuring your space is protected yet illuminated.

Plus, its rot-proof material ensures longevity, making it a smart investment for your outdoor adventures.

Installation is a breeze thanks to the included telescopic tension rafter, allowing for a secure fit to either side of your awning.

This Product Fits

Fiamma F45s, F65s and F80s awnings. Not compatible with Fiamma F65 Eagle awnings.

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Standard Equipment

  • Side panel
  • Telescopic tension rafter
  • Elastic hooks and pegs


Model Length A Height B Weight
Side W Pro - F45s / F65s / F80s 7' 6" (230 cm) 7' 4" - 9' 2" (225 - 280 cm) 9.2 lbs


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