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Motor Kit with Remote for Fiamma F80s Awning

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Experience Ultimate Convenience with F80s Motorized Awning Kits

Upgrade your outdoor experience with our cutting-edge Motor Kit options for the F80s awning, offering seamless integration and convenience at your fingertips.

Our Standard, Remote Controlled, and NEW Phone App Controlled Motor Kits come tailored to enhance your awning, ensuring a perfect fit for lengths up to 19'8" (600 cm) without compromising on space, as they only increase the length by a mere 4.7" (12 cm).

Crafted with a sleek aluminum cover, each kit is designed to complement your awning's look in three sophisticated colors: Polar White, Titanium, and Deep Black.

Standard Motor Kit

The Standard Motor Kit sets the standard for ease of use and efficiency, providing maximum integration with minimal space requirement.

Its straightforward design with wall-mounted control is ideal for those looking to add motorization to their awning setup without the frills.

Remote Controlled Motor Kit

On the other hand, the Remote Controlled Motor Kit elevates your awning with advanced features such as a control system and a remote control, enabling one-touch automation for both opening and self-tensioning of the curtain.

It comes with a wall-mounted Control System panel and an infrared remote control, ensuring ease of use.

[NEW] Phone App Controlled Motor Kit

For the tech-savvy, the Phone App Controlled Motor Kit for the Fiamma F80s awning offers the ultimate convenience with the Fiamma App, available for both Android and iOS devices.

This option allows you to manage your awning from anywhere, providing control over opening, closing, and LED lighting settings, alongside a traditional wall control Control System.

This Product Fits

Fiamma F80s awnings. Not compatible with Fiamma F45s, F65s, or F65 Eagle awnings.

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