Fiamma Front Blocker Pro For F45, F65 & F80

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Product Features

  • Equipped with one large full light Crystal window
  • Comes complete with pegs and hooks
  • Rot-proof, washable, and UV-resistant vinyl
  • Vinyl extension on the floor included


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    Want durable protection and more privacy for your outdoor living space? Fiamma Blocker Pro is the best for you!


    The Fiamma Blocker Pro front panel gives you not only effective sheltering against light rain, wind, and the sun, but also offers more privacy around your awning. Made of rot-proof vinyl, and washable fabric with UV protection, Fiamma Blocker Pro is guaranteed to be easy to clean, fade-proof, and durable to all weather changes and deterioration. Fiamma Blocker Pro is easy to install using elastic hooks and pegs which are included upon delivery.

    Equipped with one large full light Crystal window, this gives you a great view of the outdoors. The vinyl extension on the floor provides cover on the ground. Super helpful in rainy weather especially if the ground is wet. Also, it gives a level foundation on which to put your chairs and tables for comfort sitting outside of your Sprinter Vans.

    Themes from the recent Privacy Room makeover have been incorporated into the new design of all Blocker panels such as rounding of the window profiles and different color tones, this new design has a more modern aesthetic appearance than the older version.

    Fiamma Blocker Pro is perfectly designed to fit into your existing Fiamma Awning, it simply slides into the front lead bar on your Fiamma Awning. Fitted with a practical and easy-to-use leg fixing system plus the internal part of the front panel is now equipped with a profile that allows the option on fitting of curtains.

    This Product Fits

    Here's a quick selection table guide for products that fits well with the Fiamma Blocker Pro:


    Blocker Pro 300

    Blocker Pro 400

    F45S - F45L

    F80s - F65S - F65L


    F35 Pro


    Length A

    ± 112.20 in. 

    (285 cm)

    ± 112.20 in.

    (285 cm)

    Minimum awning length B

    118.11 in.

    (300 cm)

    157.48 in.

    (400 cm)


    7.1 lbs

    9.92 lbs

    Shipping Information

    Delivered as standard with elastic hooks and pegs

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