Fiamma Front Blocker For F45, F65 and F80

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Product Features

  • Practical front panel to protect against sun and rain and to provide more privacy
  • Easy to assemble and mount using the supplied tension straps and tent pegs
  • Suitable even for awnings of other brands
  • Can be set at various angles

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    Fiamma Blocker provides durable protection against all kinds of weather!

    The Fiamma Blocker is a practical and versatile front panel sun blocker that provides effective sheltering against light rain, wind, and the sun. Made from water-repellent, UV-resistant, and washable vinyl material, Fiamma Blocker is guaranteed to be easy to clean, fade-proof, and durable to all weather changes.


    Fiamma Blocker can also keep out about 85% of light to result in a cool and comfortable area for your family even on the hottest days of summer. 


    A partial height panel provides extra shelter and can be set at various angles which makes Fiamma Blocker ideal to be used as a privacy screen. It is installed by simply putting it into the front lead bar on your awning. This gives you cheap and efficient cover whenever you use it for picnic in the parks or in camping.


    All Fiamma Blocker's new design has a more modern aesthetic appearance than the older version. Themes from the recent Privacy Room makeover have been incorporated such as multi-colored tones. 

    This Product Fits

    Here's a quick table selection guide for products that fits with the Fiamma Blocker:



    Blocker 300

    Blocker 400

     F45S - F45L

     F80s - F65S - F65L


     F35 Pro

     Length A

    ±112.20 in.

    (285 cm)

    ±151.57 in.

    (385 cm)

     Minimum awning length B

    118.11 in.

    (300 cm)

    157.48 in.

    (400 cm)


    5.7 lbs

    7.3 lbs


    Shipping Information

    Matching ropes and pegs are included in the scope of delivery.

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