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Fiamma Awning Hangers

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Maximize your outdoor living space with our Fiamma Kit Awning Hangers

Tailored for motorhome enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers, these awning hangers are a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor area.

Constructed to seamlessly integrate with the lead bar profile of your awning, these hangers are suitable for all brands with 7mm slots, ensuring broad compatibility.

Lightweight and designed for easy use, they are ideal for hanging lights, plants, or other decorative items, making your outdoor space more inviting and functional.

This Product Fits

All brands of awnings with 7mm slot in lead bar including Fiamma F45s, F65s and F80s awnings.


  • Universally designed to fit awnings with a 7mm slot, including but not limited to Fiamma awnings.
  • Compatible with other brand awnings, ensuring versatility for various motorhome and campervan setups.
  • Kit includes 6 durable hooks.
  • Weight: 0.08 lbs, ensuring minimal impact on awning structure.
  • Simple insertion into the lead bar profile for easy setup.
  • Ideal for hanging lightweight objects to personalize your space.


Will these awning hangers fit my awning?
They are designed for universal compatibility with awnings featuring a 7mm slot. Please check your awning's specifications to ensure fit.

What can I hang using these hangers?
Ideal for lightweight items such as lights, plants, or decor to enhance your outdoor living area.

Are these hangers durable?
Yes, they are made from high-quality materials designed for outdoor use, ensuring longevity and resistance to weather conditions.

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