Fiamma F65 EAGLE Automatic Legless Awning for Sprinter 2007-2023

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Fiamma F65 Eagle Awning – Automatic Electric Legless Awning for Your Sprinter Van, RV or Motorhome 

If you’re Sprinter adventurer who appreciates the outdoors and wants to get the most out of your travel experiences, then the Fiamma F65 Eagle awning will not only meet your expectations but exceed them, big time.

The Fiamma F65 Eagle awning is extra strong, durable, corrosion resistant, has no support legs to get in the way and can be opened and closed with the simple flick of a switch from inside your Dodge, Freightliner or Mercedes Sprinter van or RV. It comes with Fiamma's exclusive Wind Detective System that protects your awning and your van or RV from damage should a strong wind arise unexpectedly or while you are away. It will automatically close (can also be closed manually in case of an emergency) once the built-in wind sensor detects possible damaging winds.

Fiamma has become the world’s leading manufacturer of durable, lightweight, low-profile awnings for Sprinter vans and RVs and has earned unwavering trust of the best RV manufacturers and thousands of RV owners around the world.

What makes the F65 Eagle the best retractable awning for your van or RV:

  • Automatic Push Button Operation – The F645 Eagle awning is 100% automatic and can be opened or closed by a simple switch inserted inside the wall of your RV. You won’t need to manually crank out and setup your awning every time you decide to step out. All you need to do is press a button and the low profile 12V electric motor will open or close your awning automatically without the work and sweat leaving you more time to enjoy the outdoors and your travel experience. 
  • Wind Detective Safety System – The F65 Eagle awning comes with an intelligent wind sensor system that automatically activates the 12V motor and closes if the wind picks up beyond a certain threshold. This auto-close mechanism protects your awning and offers it complete safety from any sort of damage that it could otherwise experience from bad weather. It can also be manually closed in case of an emergency or if you need to get going quickly. 
  • Strong Self-Supporting Arms (No Legs) – The Fiamma F65 Eagle awning boasts sturdy duralumin Double Block® reinforced telescopic support arms that don't require legs for additional support. The twin self-supporting arms give you more room and freedom for enjoyment without having to worry about anything else blocking your view or getting in the way. 
  • Tilt Adjustable Arms – The arms of the F65 Eagle awning come at a preset angle of 10 degrees which can be adjusted from anywhere from 5-18 degrees in order to manage rain runoff or control the amount of shade beneath the awning. Raise or lower it according to your preference or the time of the day and soak in your surroundings in your ‘ideal outdoor setting’. 
  • Quality Design & Materials– Fiamma awnings are designed in Italy and manufactured in the USA using only the highest quality materials to give you a ‘buy-it-and-forget-it’ type of experience at an affordable cost. Fiamma awnigs are designed for your Sprinter and provide years of trouble-free enjoyment.

The new Fiamma F65 Eagle awning makes a perfect companion for yourSprinter van or RV. It not only adds outstanding good looks and class to your vehicle but also provides you with all the benefits of a high-quality awning.

It really is a must if you’re one of those free spirited ones and want to add a new dimension to your travels or just need a little extra protection from the weather every once in awhile.

We Make Buying The Perfect Awning Easy

We make it easy to buy the perfect awning for your van or RV easy. Forget having to go through the trouble of figuring out which awning and what size fits your vehicle or which or the many brackets you need to buy to install it.

Simply select the vehicle that you have, hit search, and we’ll show you the perfect awning and we always include the correct mounting brackets and hardware for your particular vehicle.

There’s no guesswork involved. Buying an awning has never been easier!

Hassle Free Delivery for Our Canadian Customers

In order to make your shopping experience seamless and easy for our Canadian customers, we have out own import broker that takes care of the duty, provincial taxes and all the paperwork necessary to bring your awning across the border.
This means….

….you DO NOT need to hire a broker to clear the customs or file any paperwork or do anything extra on your end after you place your order. We are the only company that offers this kind of service to make it easier for you to get the perfect awning delivered to your door without all the hassle.

Find Your Perfect Awning Now

Whether you’re looking to enjoy the great outdoors, relax in the shade with a beer in hand or need a little protection from the sun or rain, the F65 Eagle awning is sure to provide you with the ultimate outdoor experience.


Awning size refers to overall width of case, canopy will be about 2" narrower. Awning projects 8'2" when opened. One year limited warranty to the original owner. Awnings are made to order and usually ship within 4-6 weeks. Residential, remote or commercial addresses without loading docks require an additional $50 "special handling" surcharge. Alaska and Hawaii customers please call or email for freight quote. Canadian customers please call or email for information on our Canadian shipping program.

Enjoy the freedom and the comfort that only a high quality awning can provide, select your Fiamma F65 Eagle awning today.

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