Genuine Mercedes Cabin Air Filter for Sprinter 2002-2023

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Product Features

  • Factory original carbon activated filter
  • Removes dust, pollen and other airborne contaminates
  • Provides clean air for you and your passengers
  • Improves heat and air conditioning efficiency

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    Factory Sprinter Cabin Air Filters | Fresh Clean Air for You and Your Passengers

    Your Sprinter's cabin air filter is your only defense against airborne dust, pollen, hair, insects and odors. A clean filter not only protects you and your passengers against outside contaminants but ensures your Sprinter's heating and air conditioning run efficiently. A clogged cabin filter can gradually decrease air flow making your heat or air fan run harder than necessary.

    Breath new life into your Sprinters cabin with a new factory Sprinter cabin air filter.

    This Product Fits

    2002-2018 Dodge, Freightliner and Mercedes Sprinter.

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