Fiamma Sun View Side Panel for F45 F65 F80

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Fiamma Sun View Side Panel - Convenient and Easy to Use Side Panel for added protection from the sun

The Fiamma Sun View Side Panel is a convenient and easy to use side panel for added protection from the sun. This easy to fit side panel is made with translucent light filtering material that blocks out approximately 80% of the light which means you don’t have to worry about the sun's glare while enjoying the great view outdoors inside of your awning. It also regulates the temperature under the awning, leaving a pleasant atmosphere for your family or friends whenever they will hangout inside of your awning.

Not only that these side panels give you privacy and protection against the sun, it gets even more attractive with white and gray fixed bands across the base. The Fiamma Sun View Side panels are Easy to fix, can be installed on either side of the awning, and are suitable for all Fiamma awnings (F35, F45, F65, F80, CaravanStore).


The Fiamma Sun View Side Panel comes complete with tension rafter, ropes and pegs and it can be used on the left or right side well. Simple, easy to fix, and versatile product perfect for all of your needs!

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