Cab Window Insulation for 2002-2006 Sprinter

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Premium Cab Window Insulation Sets

The 3-piece Cab Window Insulation Set includes insulation for the windshield and driver/passenger windows. It comes with a 12-piece Micro Magnet set and two 20" pieces of adhesive-backed ½" hook Velcro with a 1" hook strap.

The Window Insulation is available in two stylish options: Double Reflective Foam Core or Reflective outside with a wood grain interior, both offered at the same price. Made from durable foam core, this insulation provides effective temperature control.

Each insulation piece features loop Velcro around the edge, allowing for easy installation using adhesive Hook Velcro or our Magnet Sets. The perimeter loop Velcro makes installation flexible and secure.

Key Advantages

  • Reduces Condensation: Specialized material effectively minimizes interior moisture buildup.
  • Easy Installation: Simple to install with adhesive-backed Velcro.
  • Compact Storage: All covers roll up neatly into a compact package.
  • Enhanced Privacy & Security: Acts as a visual barrier, blocking unwanted views into your van.
  • Stylish Options: Available in silver or wood grain pattern (wood grain inside, silver outside).
  • Effective Sunblock: Reflective properties deflect sunlight, keeping the interior cooler.

Compatibility / Fit

  • Perfect Fit for 2002-2006 Sprinter Vehicles

What's in the box?

  • Windshield cover (not included in the "Driver/Passenger Windows" option)
  • Driver's window cover (not included in the "Windshield Only" option)
  • Passenger's window cover (not included in the "Windshield Only" option)
  • 12-piece magnet set
  • Peel and stick Velcro attachment (sewn in place as the outer edge binding)

Shipping & Returns

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  • Canadian orders may incur customs and import duties.
  • Returns accepted within 30 days for items in like-new condition.

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