Platform Bed Basement Bug Screens for 2007-2024 Sprinter

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Impenetrable Rear Door Insect Screens for Vans with Platform Bed

This rear door insect screen is specifically crafted for vans with a platform bed in the rear (high roof Sprinter vans only). It features an upper and lower screen cover, divided at 36", with 6 zippers.

It can be used at your platform bed and to cover cargo stored underneath. You can easily roll each panel and get it out of the way. 

The screen ensures a positive seal at the zipper and utilizes weather stripping for a durable installation. The covers are made from marine grade Aqualon material and are easily attached with velcro, making them removable or partially openable.

We offer two types of material:

  • Standard screen - made from house grade screen material, is ideal for mosquitoes and small bugs while allowing maximum airflow and light.
  • No-see-ums - For areas with tiny biting midges or no-see-ums, we also offer true no-see-um screens.

Available in four colors, with the color options on one side only and the inside cover color always white, this product offers multiple configuration possibilities.

Note: Only compatible with high roof vans

Key Advantages

  • Rear doors close seamlessly with screens fully installed
  • Easily removable and storable for seasonal use
  • Expertly crafted in the USA by A-Z Covers LLC.

This Product Fits

  • Perfect Fit for High Roof 2007-2024 Sprinter Vehicles

Shipping & Returns

  • Ships to US and Canadian addresses.
  • Canadian orders may incur customs and import duties.
  • Returns accepted within 30 days for items in like-new condition.


Will the rear door insect screens fit my Sprinter van?
Yes, the rear door insect screens are designed to fit all high roof 2007-2024 Sprinter vans equipped with a platform bed.

Can the screens be used with the rear doors closed?
Yes, the rear doors can be closed with the screens fully installed.

Are the screens easy to remove for seasonal storage?
Absolutely, the screens can be easily removed and stored for seasonal use.

What material are the screen covers made from?
The screen covers are made from marine grade Aqualon material, ensuring durability and ease of use.

Are there color options available for the screen covers?
Yes, there are four color options available, with the color on one side only and the inside cover color always white.

What types of screen materials are available?
We offer two types of material: the standard screen for mosquitoes and small bugs, and the true no-see-um screens for tiny biting midges or no-see-ums.

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