12V Motor Kit for Fiamma F80s Roof Mount Awning

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Fiamma 12V Motor Kit for F80s: Advanced Awning Automation

Enhance your outdoor experience with the Fiamma 12V Motor OPTION for F80s, a state-of-the-art solution for effortless awning operation. This upgrade kit is specifically designed for the Fiamma F80s awning, making it easier than ever to extend or retract your awning with just a simple push of a button.

This motor kit is not only compact, with a sleek aluminum cover that seamlessly integrates with your awning's design, but also offers multiple control options.

Choose from the practical wall-mounted control system, a convenient infrared remote control, or even control your awning using the Fiamma App on your Android or iOS device, giving you the power to manage your awning from anywhere.

With its straightforward installation process, this motor kit can be added to your Fiamma F80s Roof Mount Awnings without any hassle. It replaces the manual crank assembly and adds a minimal extension to the awning's length, ensuring a perfect fit and function.

This Product Fits:

This product is available to fit the following vans and RVs:

  • Fiamma F80s Roof Mount Awnings


  • 12v Motor kit extends the awning by approximately 6 inches.
  • Kit includes motor, cover, control switch, and an emergency handle.
  • Covered by a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

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Installation Instructions:

Installation is straightforward. A detailed guide can be found here.


Q: Is the installation process complicated?

A: The motor kit is designed for easy installation. It requires unscrewing the existing crankshaft and mounting the motor, with a rivet gun needed for motor cover installation.

Q: What happens if the motor or power fails?

A: The kit includes an emergency handle for manual operation, ensuring that you can still use your awning even if the motor fails.

Q: How much power does the motor consume?

A: The motor is energy-efficient, and designed to consume minimal power while providing reliable performance.

Q:  Can I operate the awning manually if I choose not to use the motor?

A:  Yes, the kit includes an emergency handle that allows for manual operation of the awning in case you prefer not to use the motor or in the event of a power outage.

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Upgrade your outdoor living with the Fiamma 12V Motor Kit for F80s, a sophisticated solution for automatic awning control.

This kit, tailored for Fiamma F80s Roof Mount Awnings, offers easy push-button operation with diverse control options like wall-mounted, remote, and app-based systems.

Its compact design ensures seamless integration, while the simple installation process adds convenience.

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